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I know it is possible to live a fun filled life with food allergies!
I have over 20 years of personal and professional experience dealing with food allergies.  From my own diagnosis of multiple food allergies, to raising a daughter with food allergies and creating my own allergy friendly baking mix line: Cherrybrook Kitchen. I understand the ups and downs of navigating the world with food allergies.

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It began with my youngest daughters’ diagnosis with multiple food allergies when she was an infant.  She was so tiny. Sometimes after eating she would curl up in pain, had hives and reflux. When we received her diagnosis of multiple food allergies, it broke my heart.  I had so many worries and questions.  How can food be deadly? Why had she developed food allergies?  Why didn’t her older sister have food allergies? Did I do something to cause her allergies?  How can I keep her safe?  What about when she begins to eat solids? How would her childhood be affected?   Where can I find more information? I just wanted to cry and I did.


THE 5 TISSUE RULE It is important to acknowledge when we are sad, angry or anxious. One of the best pieces of advice it to have a good cry. Sit down and let it all out. Pull out one tissue after the next until you used five.

At this point, start to breathe deeply by inhaling for 5 seconds and exhaling for 5 seconds. Complete a series of 5 sets. 5 by 5 by 5. Visualize something that makes you smile and transition back to a calmer state of being.

I started to do research and began to educate myself in this new world of food allergies.  I wanted to do everything I could to keep her safe.  Little did I know that I would be dealing with my own diagnosis shortly.

After dinner one evening, I began to have trouble breathing. I turned to my family said “I think I am having a heart attack” it was the only thing that came to mind as my chest tightened.  They told me my face was all swollen and off to the ER we went.  I was treated and told  to meet with an allergist ASAP.  After my allergy testing,  I was standing outside my allergist office with a list of foods to avoid (all fish, dairy, egg and tree nuts) and instructions on how to use an Epi-Pen. I was in a state of shock.   How did I develop food allergies as an adult?   What could I eat now? Where should I shop? Would I never have a dessert again?  Now there were two in our family with food allergies.

 I got in my car and drove to all-natural grocery store. I stared at the shelves and back down to my list of allergens.  What would be safe for the combined the food allergies in our home?   I was overwhelmed trying to read labels, thinking of ideas for meals and staring at my empty basket.  I was angry, sad and scared.   Thankfully, there was an associate who was well versed in food allergies.  We spent an hour going aisle by aisle until I had enough safe options to return home and stock my shelves.  I began to understand that being educated was one of the keys to managing our food allergies and feeling strong.


EDUCATION & EMPOWERMENT To those dealing with food allergies, reaching out for information and guidance is extremely important. Change is happening at a quick pace in the food allergy world.

Make sure you understand the food allergies you dealing with, how to keep safe before, during and after an allergic reaction. Nothing is more important than knowing how and when to use your emergency epinephrine. Have your emergency plan in place and educate those who may be part of the plan. Be prepared!

Make sure you your kitchen is stocked with safe options and you have delicious go to recipes on hand. Also, surround yourself with a caring support system.

When you understand food allergies, have a safety plan in place, a support system and safe yummy food; you will feel empowered. With each step in your food allergy journey, take pride in your achievements and watch your confidence grow.

I spent the next few years doing research online, joining food allergy support groups and experimenting with my favorite recipes. I watched my daughter like a hawk and was vigilant in keeping my family safe.  I still was anxious about food allergies but I was slowly learning how to think about life through a different lens.


MINDSET What you focus on is a direct connection on how both your mind and body will feel. Yes, we need to be aware of food allergies but it best to try and frame as many things in a positive framework whenever possible.

One helpful mindset strategy I use is to reverse my default thinking about celebrations. Previously I would equate most celebrations with going outside my home. Now I turn my home into the celebration central! I know I can create a safe environment, have great food, fun games, songs and decorations. The excitement begins with the first stages of planning through to the end of the event.

When I go out, I understand that there might be limitations as to what I can eat and how I can celebrate. I make sure I am safe and pre-plan as much as possible. Even the best laid plans can lead to disappointment. I try to shift from disappointment to acceptance to continue to enjoy my time out.
I have made a mindset shift to acceptance for going out and letting loose at home! Creating clear expectations on how you will celebrate will create room for peace and joy to enter your life.

At this time, I was feeling the loss of traditional desserts that I had previously enjoyed. Simultaneously I witnessed the children in my daughters’ pre-school the children with food allergies had to sat at a different table and struggled to deal with celebrations at school with food.  I had a light bulb moment.  I drove home and pulled out all my baking ingredients and set to work with one goal in mind…a delicious chocolate cake our whole family could eat together safely.  It took over 100 different tries but finally I created a chocolate cake that we all could eat and it was sooo yummy!  I then went through my classic recipes such as yellow cake, chocolate chip cookie and sugar cookie to create safe versions for our family.  After a few months’ of testing recipes, I began to notice a change in my view on food allergies.  With each new recipe, my confidence and joy began to rise in all areas of my life. I was being proactive, creative and finding a positive outlet within the food allergy world.  I had a delicious group of recipes that became the foundation for Cherrybrook Kitchen. Cherrybrook Kitchen was the company I founded with the goal of delivering allergen friendly mixes to those dealing with food allergies.  It was challenging and rewarding.


I became immersed in the food allergy world from being a mom, to an individual with food allergies, to a business owner and consultant.  The opportunities to meet with food allergy groups, attend conferences and special events was amazing. I took careful note of what worked and what did not.  I was feeling empowered and having fun!  I experienced a shift to a life where I was focusing on positives and my circle/spheres of influence.


I view my world with 3 Spheres of Influence: The Inner, Middle and Outer/Expanding Circle.

The Inner Circle is your core foundation and should include most if not all of those in your home. It can also include doctors and friends.  Those in the Inner Circle are educated about keeping you safe and fully support you in your food allergy journey.  This is your safety zone. Once you feel solid in your inner circle it makes dealing with the outer circles much easier.

The Middle Circle is outside of your home where you spend most of your time typically work or school.  The individuals in this sphere can include your family, friends and peers who you interact with on a regular basis. They are aware of your allergies but may not prioritize your food allergen needs.  Some elements in the middle circle may be out of your control.

Taking a leadership role on a planning committee, running events or becoming a room parent are all great ways to have influence over your environment.  Clear and concise communication will yield the best results.

The Outer/ Expanding Circle consists of people and places you visit, your travel and special events. This sphere has the most unpredictability.  The Outer Circle has a high level of change and you may not have a lot of influence in this environment.

Putting protocols in place to face the most common situations is extremely effective. One such protocol I have used is role playing for effective communication.

Role play with someone else or use a mirror to practice specific dialogues. Some ideas are: what to say when you need to explain your food allergen needs, how to politely decline food you feel is unsafe or how to politely decline an invitation.  Role playing is especially important for young children.  It provides them with an opportunity to walk through these situations in a positive and supportive atmosphere.

With the unpredictability in the Outer Sphere, having prepared some of your reactions to specific situations will result in clear communication and a sense of stability.

Take time to appreciate those who are your pillars of support and practice acceptance for those who do not understand or cannot meet your allergen needs.

Understanding your 3 Spheres of Influence will help keep your expectations clear and increase your comfort level in key environments.

It is now my mission to focus on helping those dealing with food allergies and their loved ones. Everyone could use help and support on their food allergy journey.


I know the need for:

Recipes for dishes that will work for your specific food allergens AND taste great

Guidance for the Newly Diagnosed

Support with dealing with family and friends

Help dealing with the anxiety, worry, fear and isolation

Strategies and methods to make your life feel more free and joyful

How to set up your kitchen and pantry for success

Strategies for parenting a food allergy child


We can work together to develop a customized plan to address your food allergy needs.   Please click here to contact me for your Free 20 Minute Consultation. No Obligation, No Stress.

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We are based Bartram Park, Jacksonville, FL 32258.  In person sessions within 25 miles are available with no travel charge. All in person sessions have a minimum of 2 hours chargeable time. If you are further away, please contact us and we will determine the travel costs for your particular location.

Services via video or phone calls


Many of our services can be provided via video or phone calls!

I believe in an educated, effective and positive approach to helping you with food allergies.  It is an honor to join you on your food allergy journey.


I look forward to hearing from you!

Magically Yours,